Members of the Saint Sava Serbian Church Choir are a dedicated group of amateurs who share one common attribute: “They all love to sing”.

Here’s a list of our dedicated members along with what section they sing in. Some members have been with us since the choir started, and that’s over fifty years.

Last Name First Name Section
Borojevic Lidija Soprano
Brkic Alex Tenor
Brkic Mira Alto
Cecez Ubavka Alto
Djogo Biljana Soprano
Djurdjevic Radmila Alto
Doncic Gina Soprano
Doncic Zivko Bass
Dragasevic Bora Tenor
Dragasevic Draga Alto
Govednik Janez Concert Conductor
Herman Ivan Bass
Ilic Biljana Soprano
Ivanvski Velimir Tenor
Jovanovic Olivera Soprano
Keser Helen Soprano
Kosevic Vaso Bass
Lukich John Bass-Church Conductor
Lukich Michael Bass
Mandic Tatjana Soprano
Maric Sanja Alto
Makris Angie Soprano
Mavrak Mico Tenor
Mavrak Slavica Alto
Micic Radomir Tenor
Milivojevic-Daoust Marina Soprano
Misevic Mirna Soprano
Misich Milena Soprano
Misich Vlada Bass
Pajkic Petra Alto
Pavichevich Mira (Merritt) Alto
Pavkovic Ljubomir Bass
Petric Sreto Tenor
Petric Snezana Alto
Petrovic Vasilj Tenor
Radojicic Nina/Kristina Soprano
Ristic Ivana Soprano
Racic Angelina Soprano
Rapper Ljiljana Alto
Rapper Juliana Alto
Simic Stevanija Bass
Stajic Bozidar Bass
Swann Nikola Tenor
Tankosic – Tojcic Ljiljana Alto
Tosic Ana Alto
Tubic Dusanka Soprano
Zdrale Biljana Tenor
Zivkovic Radmila Alto

Joining and becoming a member of The Saint Sava Serbian Church Choir is easy, and everyone is welcome. Please check our calendar by clicking here just to make sure our rehearsal has not been postponed or we’re not on holiday.

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